Safety Supplies & PPE Services

We provide a full range of PPE, workplace safety equipment, and accompanying services you need to stay in OSHA compliance and protect your employees.

First Aid Cabinet

Fisrt Aid Cabinets & Services

We survey your work site for optimum location(s) and supplies, provide the first aid cabinets you require, and maintain a conveniently scheduled restocking service to ensure that you have the supplies you need.

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Eyewash Station Services

Eyewash Stations

We identify the correct eyewash equipment for your environment, place it according to OSHA requirements for accessibility and proximity, and provide regular, worry-free inspection and maintenance services.

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PPE Services

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We offer turn-key services that include Hazard Assessments, written programs and required documentation, PPE with custom fitting, and training to comply with OSHA 1910.132.

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Respiratory Protection Services

Respiratory Protection

We provide all the critical components of a complete respiratory protection program: work site survey to identify hazards, equipment selection and individual fitting, training, supplies, and OSHA required documentation.

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Why Choose DFW Safety & First Aid

We provide a complete solution to help you to navigate OSHA Regulations, determine what applies specifically to your business, and implement a targeted approach to ensuring that your business is in full compliance.

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Full Safety Consultation

We offer end-to-end coverage of all OSHA requirements. We are your resource for all things related to safety.

Our experienced safety professionals will conduct onsite workplace safety evaluations to identify and prioritize hazards and requirements. We will recommend OSHA compliant equipment and training that will provide protection to your employees, mitigate injuries, and help protect your company from OSHA fines and legal liabilities. We will create and maintain the necessary written documentation in accordance with OSHA requirements as well as conduct and document all the training required for OSHA compliance. On an ongoing basis, we help your company to maintain safety standards. Our experts can act as agency liaisons, and provide representation with Insurance and OSHA Inspections.

  • Real-World Results – Three separate clients have saved a life in the workplace due to our training programs.

  • Business Case – We help you avoid lost labor hours, OSHA fines, workers’ compensation costs, and civil liabilities.

  • Measurable ROI – Workers are more engaged and productive when they know you take their safety seriously.

  • OSHA Compliance – We navigate the OSHA CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS for General Industry for you to apply the standards and regulations that are specific to your business.

  • Safety Professinoals – All services are conducted by friendly, knowledgeable, and uniformed professionals with over 40 years combined experience keeping people safe.

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