Personal Protective Equipment

We help you meet OSHA requirements so your employees have the personal protective equipment necessary to mitigate workplace injuries.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Consulting

Providing personal protective equipment to your employees that is appropriate and properly fitted is a crucial part of your responsibility to protect the health and safety of your workforce.

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OSHA Workplace PPE Requirements

Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 1910 Subpart I provides OSHA’s primary personal protective equipment standards.


Just ordering a bunch of stuff from an equipment catalog and handing it out to your employees is not adequate. There are OSHA and ANSI standards regarding specific hazards and the specific equipment that must be used to mitigate those hazards.

Employers are required to conduct a workplace hazard assessment, provide workers with the necessary personal protective equipment, and require that the workers use and maintain it in a reliable and sanitary condition. OSHA Standards, 1910.132(h) and 1926.95(d) require that employers pay for personal protective equipment used to comply with OSHA standards. (Source:

To be effective, equipment must be properly fitted for effectiveness and comfort. Proper training and testing must be conducted and documented in accordance with specific OSHA regulations. The care, seriousness, and professionalism with which you implement your PPE program will carry over into the care, seriousness, professionalism, and morale of your workforce.

With our PPE Service you can be confident that your organization will satisfy the legal requirements of OSHA regulations and the safety of your employees will be enhanced. Your employees will be confident that they know how to use this crucial equipment properly and how to maintain it correctly.

OSHA Requirements, Training, Fit Testing, and Documentation – DFW Safety & First Aid are PPE Experts

  • ANSI and OSHA Regulations
    We will provide products that meet the needs of your workforce and requirements of your workplace in accordance with all ANSI and OSHA regulations.

  • Properly Fitted
    We ensure that all the personal protective equipment that is issued is properly fitted to each individual.

  • PPE Training
    We will provide training for every employee on the proper use, maintenance, and limitations of the protective equipment issued to them.

  • Management Training
    We will provide training to your supervisory and management staff on implementing the personal protective equipment program, including the maintenance of documentation and testing as required by OSHA regulations.

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PPE Product Categories Available Through Our Service

Head Protection

Head Protection

Eye Protection - Safety Glasses

Eye Protection

Ear & Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Protective Coveralls

Body Protection

PPE Gloves - Hand Protection

Work Gloves

Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves

Rubber Gloves

Safety Harness

Safety Harnesses

High Visibility Clothing

Visibility Wear

How the PPE Service Works

We offer “Turn-Key” services that include Hazard Assessments, Written Programs and Required Documentation, PPE, and Training to comply with OSHA 1910.132.

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We Help Your Business Implement OSHA PPE Requirements

OSHA Compliance

Employees are exposed to all types of hazards in the workplace. OSHA says the employer is responsible for conducting and documenting hazard assessments of the workplace, selecting the right PPE for the hazards, ensuring the PPE fits the employee, and conducting competency-based training where employees demonstrate understanding of how to properly wear and care for their PPE. Surveys show that there is often as high as an 80% non-compliance rate for workers required to wear PPE, which leads to thousands of injuries every year. Non-compliance to the PPE Standard is often in the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA Violations.

Workplace Hazards are also Business Hazards

Workers have a right to a safe and healthy workplace, free from recognized hazards that can cause injury, illness, and death. OSHA levies costly fines for non-compliance. Injuries and illnesses, lost time, and increased insurance costs combine with pain and suffering to create an unsustainable burden on your workers and your bottom-line. The cost of creating and implementing a sustainable PPE Program for your company and employees is far outweighed by the costs associated with fines, injuries, lost productivity, higher insurance costs, and, most importantly, the safety and health of your most valuable asset – your employees.

Program Benefits

  • Determine where hazards exist that cannot be eliminated, and PPE is necessary
  • Provide options and suggestions on what types of PPE best fit the environment
  • Offer a variety of Personal Protective Equipment options to help employers manage the cost of PPE while providing appropriate PPE to employees

  • Offer training and documentation to ensure employee and employer compliance to the PPE Standard (1910.132)
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Customer Feedback

Jim, thank you for a fantastic job. WELL DONE. Our company would be nothing if safety was not an important part of our plan. We appreciate you taking the time to point out that importance so that we may reiterate that to our employees your thoughts. This also shows our customers and GC we take safety seriously.

David Fudge, General Manager, Integrus Electric Ltd.
Lacore Nutraceuticals

Selecting Jim Davis and DFW Safety & First aid to work with our fast growing company to develop, implement and maintain a turn-key first aid and safety training program has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made.

Dan Krist, COO, Lacore Nutraceuticals
C&W Manufacturing Logo

Jim has worked with C&W Manufacturing for the past two years providing monthly safety meetings, managing our respirator program, providing first aid and safety supplies, and conducting monthly workplace safety evaluations to identify hazards and corrective measures. Jim’s efforts have helped us to maintain an excellent safety record which translates to lower workers compensation costs and a substantially more productive work environment. We’ve always been able to count on Jim. You will not go wrong in aligning your safety efforts with Jim and DFW Safety & First Aid.

Steve Duncan, Vice President, Operations C&W Manufacturing & Sales Co.
Gateway Church

DFW Safety & First Aid has done a tremendous job training several hundred of our staff in CPR – First Aid and AED’s. They support our AED program and first aid supplies. We’ve always found them to be very responsive and easy to work with. I recommend anyone looking for a great local service to help with their first aid, and safety needs.

Dara Sanders, Gateway Church
Railroad Controls

Railroad Controls, LP have used DFW Safety & First Aid to provide our new-hire CPR – First Aid Training during our weekly orientation. It is very important to us to have a provider that we can rely on to work with us on our evolving schedule for new-hire safety orientation as we bring our employees in from out-of-town each week for this training. Jim engages our employees and makes sure that they have the necessary skills and training to respond in the event of an emergency. Jim always emphasizes personal responsibility for safety in his presentations which coincides with the safety orientation we provide. We are very satisfied with the professionalism and value Jim contributes to our safety training efforts.

Elisa Garcia, Manager of Administrative Services, Railroad Controls
Bass Pro Shops

DFW Safety & First Aid has provided Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine with monthly first aid supply services, CPR – First Aid, AED training for our staff and Respirator Fit Testing. We have found Jim’s training to be very professional and thorough. His safety classes are engaging, concise and relevant. His flexibility and willingness to work with our schedule makes it easy to keep our employee’s training current and up-to-date. Jim’s high quality supplies and services are reasonably priced and his service is excellent. He is up to date on all of his information and offers helpful suggestions. He is honest and reliable. You won’t be disappointed if you choose DFW Safety & First Aid as your safety and supply vendor.

Michele Little, HR Mgr. SPHR, Bass Pro Shops