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There are considerable requirements for compliance with OSHA regulations, as well as legal and financial liabilities that can result from noncompliance. It is best to ask an experienced safety professional any OSHA questions you have. This is what DFW Safety & First Aid provides.

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    • Real-World Results – Three separate clients have saved a life in the workplace due to our training programs.

    • Business Case – We help you avoid lost labor hours, OSHA fines, workers’ compensation costs, and civil liabilities.

    • Measurable ROI – Workers are more engaged and productive when they know you take their safety seriously.

    • OSHA Compliance – We navigate the OSHA CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS for General Industry for you to apply the standards and regulations that are specific to your business.

    • Safety Professinoals – All services are conducted by friendly, knowledgeable, and uniformed professionals with over 40 years combined experience keeping people safe.

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    We provide a complete solution to help you to navigate OSHA Regulations, determine what applies specifically to your business, and implement a targeted approach to ensuring that your business is in full compliance.

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    Comprehensive OSHA Compliance Services. Skilled Career Safety Experts.

    Small to mid-size companies have the same requirements for health and safety compliance as large companies. Minimal resources can make it cost-prohibitive to hire full-time safety personnel. Often, these tasks are assigned as a secondary responsibility to someone who has minimal or no experience in the safety field. Many OSHA questions go unanswered, to the detriment of compliance and safety. Often, safety programs are not maintained, are incomplete, and lead to increased accidents, lost-time injuries, costly workers’ compensation insurance premiums, lost productivity and exposure to liability and OSHA fines for non-compliance to regulatory health and safety laws.

    DFW SAFETY & FIRST AID offers on-site, complete third party safety services to help your company implement and support a fully compliant safety program. Our experts answer any OSHA questions that come up and are there to help implement solutions. We work with a wide array of businesses and have a deep understanding of the OSHA Regulations and how to apply them to specific work environments. We understand that one size does not fit all and will tailor safety programs to the OSHA requirements of your specific industry and business.

    We Provide the Following Services

    • Worksite hazard inspections

    • Review of current safety programs

    • Strategy for complete written programs

    • Establish training programs conducted on site and online

    • Documentation that tracks retraining requirements

    • Recordkeeping and signage

    • First Aid Cabinets & Restocking

    • Eyewash Stations, Respiratory Protection, PPE, and AED Equipment & Services

    • Establish the foundation for a sustainable safety culture and compliance with OSHA regulations and reporting requirements

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