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ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 Class A & B first aid kits and metal, wall mounted first aid cabinets for all industrial, commercial, transportation, and business environments. Make sure your employees have the necessary first aid supplies to address workplace injuries.

Wall Mounted First Aid Cabinet

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Are you paying too much for first aid cabinet services and first aid kits? Supplies that fit your work environment are required by the OSHA Medical & First Aid Standard. Stop getting overcharged by the national brand providers!

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First Aid Cabinet Service

Customized Industrial & Workplace First Aid Cabinet / First Aid Station

  • Meets and exceeds ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 standards
  • Can be configured as a Class A or Class B First Aid Cabinet
  • Customized to your industry needs per OSHA 1910.151 requirements
  • Wall-mounted durable metal cabinets
  • Available with or without medications
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Our custom first aid cabinet solutions are perfect for any industry. From manufacturing to food service, warehouses, labs, retail, offices, and everything in between, our safety experts have you covered with cost-effective, OSHA-compliant first aid stations and restocking solutions.

First Aid Kits

We supply portable, mountable ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 Class B and Class A first aid kits that meet ANSI Type I, II, III, and IV specifications. These kits contain unitized packaging designed to stay neat and organized; all contents are individually boxed and packaged. Single-use, tamper-evident pre-packaging ensures uncontaminated products for treating injuries.

Industry Regulated First Aid Kits

Industry Regulated First Aid Kits

  • DOT (CFR Title 49 Standards)
  • FAA (14 CFR Part 121)
  • National School Bus Standard
  • Mining (MSHA 30 CFR § 75.1713)
  • Logging (OSHA 1910.266)
  • …and more
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Custom First Aid Kits

Custom First Aid Kits

Custom First Aid kits are designed and built for individual industry needs. Vehicle kits for surveyors, arborists, field technicians, and construction workers are available and customized for the specific needs and hazards to which your workers are exposed.

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Trauma Bags and First Responder Kits

Trauma Bags & First Responder Kits

Trauma Bags and Portable “Jump Bags” are rugged and ready to transport to the site of an emergency. These kits contain items for severe bleeding, major and minor injuries, CPR masks, and other necessary first aid supplies.

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Specialty First Aid Kits

Specialty First Aid Kits

Certain environments, circumstances, or conditions require specialized first aid kits. We can supply kits for bloodborne pathogens, burn care and welder first aid kits, waterproof and marine kits, emergency eyewash kits, and more. We can provide the right kit for almost any need.

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First Aid Cabinet Services

DFW Safety & First Aid Provides Affordable and Worry-Free Solutions for All of Your Kit & Cabinet Restocking Needs

OSHA Regulation 1910.151 Medical and First Aid requires that in the absence of a clinic or hospital in near proximity to the workplace, each employer has first aid supplies readily available for the treatment of all injured employees (Source:

There is more to this than you may think! What supplies are required in an OSHA compliant first aid cabinet? Which items are unnecessary? How do I modify my supplies to address the types of injuries likely to occur in my workplace? How many adhesive bandages, gauze pads, antibiotic ointments, antiseptic wipes, cold packs, nitrile gloves, and other such products do I need? Why can’t I just go to the local drug store to purchase supplies?

The newest ANSI/ISEA standard introduces two classes of first aid cabinets. Class A cabinets are designed to deal with the most common types of workplace injuries. Class B cabinets are designed with a broader range and quantity of supplies to deal with injuries in more complex or high-risk environments such as warehouses, manufacturing, and transportation.

To whom in my company will I assign the task of maintaining the cabinet supplies and refills? How do I train them on what to look for, which supplies are required, and where to get them?

The quantity and size specifications given in the 2015 standard are the minimum requirements. A first aid kit or first aid cabinet from DFW Safety & First Aid not only meets and exceeds these standards; it is tailored to your industry and any special regulations it may have.

Our experts handle all of this for you!
It’s all included in our first aid cabinet services.

  • First Aid Cabinet Experts

    Our highly trained staff of professional first aid cabinet experts will select and maintain the right supplies in the right quantities for your work environment.

  • Scheduled Services

    Routine scheduled cabinet restocking services to check expiration dates, organize and clean the cabinet, and restock supplies to meet/exceed required cabinet fills.

  • OSHA Compliant First Aid Cabinet & Supplies

    We provide products that meet all ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015, OSHA Medical Services and First Aid regulations for single-use, tamper evident, non-drowsy formulas designed specifically for the workplace.

  • Peace of Mind

    Using a credible, professional company to deliver first aid cabinet services offers you peace of mind that your supplies are of the best quality, fully insured, and designed for the workplace.

  • ANSI/ISEA Requirements

    Local retail stores sell supplies that are designed for residential use. Workplace kits and cabinet supplies have specific packaging requirements as outlined in ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015.

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How Our First Aid Cabinet Services Work

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ANSI Standard, OSHA Compliant

First Aid Supplies are a Requirement

The OSHA 1910.151 is the medical and first aid standard that requires employers to have adequate first aid supplies on-hand and people trained to render first aid in the absence of emergency care in near proximity to the workplace. “Near Proximity” is defined as 3 to 4 minutes. It’s rare for emergency response to arrive in that time frame. The ANSI 2015 standard defines exactly what first aid supplies are required for compliance. Our first aid cabinet services will ensure that you have the required supplies on hand.

Business Benefits

Avoid costly penalties from OSHA Compliance Inspections. This not only hits your bottom-line, the penalties become public record, damaging your company’s reputation. It can impact your client relationships and your ability to recruit and retain employees. Liberty Mutual Insurance conducted a survey and found that 95% of business executives perceive that safety programs have a positive impact on the company and 40% of those surveyed estimate that for every $1 paid in direct injury costs, there is additionally $3 to $5 of indirect costs.

“Most injury/accident claims are often due to unsafe acts or behaviors. Establishing a safety culture, employee engagement, constant training and awareness, and active observation of employees demonstrating safe work behaviors learned in training are some of the key components of a safer, healthier workplace.” – State of Wisconsin Department of Industry, Labor & Human Relations.

Program Benefits

  • Our service promotes safety awareness. A well-stocked first aid cabinet and/or proper kits, combined with people trained to render first aid, sends a strong message to employees that their safety and well-being is important to their employer. It helps condition them to act with safety in mind.

  • First aid training enables employees to recognize serious illness or injury. It provides them the necessary skills and knowledge to react quickly to help their fellow employees who have suffered an illness or injury. This can even save lives!
  • A first aid cabinet containing appropriate first aid supplies, combined with trained employees, can lessen the need for trips to the ER This saves time, money, unnecessary recordable injuries, and lost time events. These events all contribute to higher workers compensation insurance costs and higher EMR (experience mod rates). It makes sense for your bottom line.
  • Reduce the potential for injuries to become worse. A trained person with the proper supplies can stabilize and possibly prevent an injury from deteriorating until professional help arrives.
  • Doing it yourself is not as easy as it seems. Your most cost-effective solution is a service that provides the right products in the right quantities at a reasonable price to help you stay in compliance, and, more important, have the necessary supplies on hand to help your employees in the event of injury or illness.
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Customer Feedback

Jim, thank you for a fantastic job. WELL DONE. Our company would be nothing if safety was not an important part of our plan. We appreciate you taking the time to point out that importance so that we may reiterate that to our employees your thoughts. This also shows our customers and GC we take safety seriously.

David Fudge, General Manager, Integrus Electric Ltd.
Lacore Nutraceuticals

Selecting Jim Davis and DFW Safety & First aid to work with our fast growing company to develop, implement and maintain a turn-key first aid and safety training program has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made.

Dan Krist, COO, Lacore Nutraceuticals
C&W Manufacturing Logo

Jim has worked with C&W Manufacturing for the past two years providing monthly safety meetings, managing our respirator program, providing first aid and safety supplies, and conducting monthly workplace safety evaluations to identify hazards and corrective measures. Jim’s efforts have helped us to maintain an excellent safety record which translates to lower workers compensation costs and a substantially more productive work environment. We’ve always been able to count on Jim. You will not go wrong in aligning your safety efforts with Jim and DFW Safety & First Aid.

Steve Duncan, Vice President, Operations C&W Manufacturing & Sales Co.
Gateway Church

DFW Safety & First Aid has done a tremendous job training several hundred of our staff in CPR – First Aid and AED’s. They support our AED program and first aid supplies. We’ve always found them to be very responsive and easy to work with. I recommend anyone looking for a great local service to help with their first aid, and safety needs.

Dara Sanders, Gateway Church
Railroad Controls

Railroad Controls, LP have used DFW Safety & First Aid to provide our new-hire CPR – First Aid Training during our weekly orientation. It is very important to us to have a provider that we can rely on to work with us on our evolving schedule for new-hire safety orientation as we bring our employees in from out-of-town each week for this training. Jim engages our employees and makes sure that they have the necessary skills and training to respond in the event of an emergency. Jim always emphasizes personal responsibility for safety in his presentations which coincides with the safety orientation we provide. We are very satisfied with the professionalism and value Jim contributes to our safety training efforts.

Elisa Garcia, Manager of Administrative Services, Railroad Controls
Bass Pro Shops

DFW Safety & First Aid has provided Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine with monthly first aid supply services, CPR – First Aid, AED training for our staff and Respirator Fit Testing. We have found Jim’s training to be very professional and thorough. His safety classes are engaging, concise and relevant. His flexibility and willingness to work with our schedule makes it easy to keep our employee’s training current and up-to-date. Jim’s high quality supplies and services are reasonably priced and his service is excellent. He is up to date on all of his information and offers helpful suggestions. He is honest and reliable. You won’t be disappointed if you choose DFW Safety & First Aid as your safety and supply vendor.

Michele Little, HR Mgr. SPHR, Bass Pro Shops