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Safety is Our Mission – Service is Our Passion!

The Customer Comes First

Our local family owned business was founded on the idea that there was a better way to deliver a comprehensive array of first aid, safety products and training services to businesses in the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area and surrounding counties.


We have decades of industry experience, extensive knowledge of the OSHA Regulations and provide guidance on what regulations apply to your business and industry. Supplies and training costs can really add up. That’s why we make sure that you only receive the products and services you need to create a safe and healthy workplace. Our customers agree with our approach, that’s why 99% of the customers we have stay with us.

Dallas, TX

Protecting Your Employees and Company is Good Business

We work closely with many companies in a wide array of industries from manufacturing, food service, distribution, education, transportation and more! Our goal is for your employees to go home at the end of the day the same way they came to work.

We know first-hand that our services work. We’ve had three of our CPR students save the lives of co-workers using effective CPR and defibrillators. We’ve seen the high rates of injuries, EMR’s, (experience mod-rates) decline, saving our customers thousands in lower insurance premiums. We’ve even had OSHA inspect customers’ work sites and comment on how well their workplaces were compliant with OSHA Safety Regulations.

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Jim Davis – Founder

Jim Davis

Jim Davis is an authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor and Safety Professional helping hundreds of companies create safe and healthy workspaces in Dallas Fort Worth – North Texas. Jim founded DFW Safety & First Aid in 2014 to provide a wide range of safety products, consulting services, CPR, first aid, and safety training to businesses ranging from manufacturing, distribution, food services, hospitality, transportation and many more.

Jim has over twenty years’ experience in the first aid and safety industry with training and certifications acquired at the OSHA Education Center – UTA Division for Enterprise Development. Jim brings a wealth of “hands-on” business experience and passion to helping customers identify, implement and solve safety and compliance issues in their business.

  • Authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor and Safety Professional
  • Over 20 years’ experience in the first aid and safety industry
  • First Aid, CPR, & AED Certified Trainer
  • Training and certifications acquired at the OSHA Education Center – UTA Division for Enterprise Development

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The DFW Safety & First Aid Family

Carrie Angelone
Carrie AngeloneBusiness Development
My role is to acquire new customers and work with existing customers regarding new products or services. I achieve job satisfaction by creating, developing and nurturing new business partnerships, and witnessing the benefits our products and services offer to all of our customers. Other interests include being a CPR Instructor and spending time with my family.
Jeff Spence
Jeff SpenceBusiness Development
My job in business development enables me to build relationships with clients and help keep their workplaces safe. I enjoy introducing new and prospective customers to the benefits of a safety-minded workplace culture, and all of the business advantages achieved with OSHA compliance and reduced injuries.
Shelley Thompson
Shelley ThompsonSenior Account Manager
As Senior Account Manager, it is my job to fulfill our customer’s first aid and safety needs, answering their questions, and suggesting products and services they may need to stay in compliance. I enjoy delivering products to our customers, and taking that opportunity to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level. Being a nature lover, I enjoy hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.
Catherine Krans
Catherine KransAdministrative Manager
As Administrative Manager, it is my job to oversee day-to-day operations in the office, as well as supporting our staff. I believe in earning our customer’s business and always being available to ensure they have the excellent customer service they deserve. Community involvement is important to me, so I volunteer and serve as an ambassador for a local non-profit organization.